Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is Spring in the Air??

Hello Mr. Sunshine, you are making my day SO much better... I am having a ME day at home with the dog. We get to be outside today in the beautiful sunny weather. I will admit it makes my heart happy <3
 Sitting on concrete is not as  good as grass but works :) Sandals and brightly painted toe nails mean one thing...spring he he
 This is my bottle of iced tea... This girl loves her some plain iced tea...and putting it in my metal water bottle kept it cold for forever might I add. Oh and a quick ice tea "trick" put a mug of water in the microwave and warm it then put a tea bag in the water...let it set... put ice cubes in your metal water bottle... pour in the hot tea and it will be cold and yummy in minutes!! I love iced tea haha
Ever have a hard week? Take a ME day for yourself or a ME hour or even a few ME minutes... do something you love that is relaxing and will be better for it :)
So in the sake of my ME day I bought myself two lipsticks a lip crayon, and some scentsy squares or whatever you call them.... ( I am a makeup hoarder I love makeup!I love all make up any make up ha ha I may need necessary professional help one day wink wink).