Monday, March 31, 2014

Ta Da!... General Women's Meeting

TA DA! our floors are finally finished (minus the trim) can you believe my mom and my sister did this all on their own!!! they didn't even know how to use a saw of any kind when they started a friend came and layed the first 2 rows to show them how and they pulled it off didn't even have any mess up scraps! super impressive! Women are amazing! speaking of this did you watch the General Women's Meeting??...

I streamed the General Women's Meeting and have to say it was very helpful for me... I loved how they talked about how women have a purpose and we can all come together and do amazing things because this is such a beautiful truth! My most favorite part was when they spoke on judging one another because I simply try working on that all the time and remind myself I do not know what i'd do if I were that person because no two people can feel the same and you truly don't know what you are up against... for example several times I have been told if I were more positive I would not be ill... this I know is not true and I feel I run  into this a lot because of my young age... most don't simply understand they still have their invincibility... & I always remind myself they have no clue what it is like to be ill stricken like myself and they are trying to help. I also loved how they mentioned no judging ourselves because I won't lie I am my own worst critic and I hate it but since I have become aware I am  working on that too... I love how such meetings as General Women's Meeting and General Conference feel like they are speaking to me just me haha and I think the fact they touch on these subjects show how I am not the only one their must be several... God is good <3  Henry B. Eyring spoke about how God Loves his daughters, Because he loves you, he will provide the help that you need to move you and others upwards in his presence & how he knew that our savior paid the price for all of thy sins... now that is probably not a perfect quote for I could not write that fast but you get the jest...  I am SO  looking forward to general conference
This link below is where you can watch The General Women's Conference:
lang=eng ..... you can view General Conference Sat, and Sun. at