Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring...Allergy sufferer tip

Hi! Happy first day of spring!! I hope you all can enjoy the day...I am a huge allergy sufferer and have been my whole life I have allergy induced asthma, which means normal asthma triggers trigger my asthma as well as allergens trigger my asthma... I have learned a few things...

*Tips for allergy sufferers:

Eat pineapple or even drink pineapple juice for a sore throat. This is  a natural antihistamine and my whole family uses this trick... it works very well!!

This is one of mine I just started a few years ago, Wear big sunglasses on windy days it protects your eyes like a little shield and keeps A. the wind from drying them out/irritating. & B. keeps allergens out that are in the air.

Take a 24 hour allergy medication instead of something you have to take more often like Benadryl that will make you sleepy...and if you don't know of a 24 hour allergy medication you take once a's some names... Allegra, Claritin, or zyretec

 I take a non drowsy medication in the afternoon or in the morning because they tend to keep me up at night if I take them at night.

if it's a high allergy day outside...lots of pollen ect. just stay indoors that day as much as possible that will help!

warm wash cloth on eyes when wake up and they are puffy or even cold which ever you prefer ... like warm then cold.

use a humidifier at night or take a shower or bath even... if feeling dry or congested use a humidifier at night...if you have asthma use a warm one and if not use a cold one...asthma users cold constricts airways... that's why you should use warm.

I tend to dust more, wash sheets, groom pets, try to cut down on indoor allergen triggers.