Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Big Victories

I will point out what is wrong with my posture here and why... first I would hunch over like you can see above. My body did this to try to escape pain and I would hunch over and it would shorten my abdomen muscles... It took a lot of time and a lot of therapy to re-stretch those muscles and then strengthen them to support my body again... then I would push my hips outward and lock my knees (kinda hard to see with a dress) but it was another thing due to pain and my pelvic floor tension myalgia. I still have to constantly be thinking of not locking my knees and standing up straight. your pelvic muscles are connected to your abdomen muscles, hip muscles, and even legs's a lot of muscle that are affected at this stage and this photo was 1 year after I started physical therapy so you can imagine how I was before... crazy!

in this photo is my beautiful momma and my gorgeous sister<3
This picture was taken late July of 2013... If you look I stand with horrible posture... I couldn't hold myself up well due to chronic pelvic floor tension myalgia... Your pelvis is your core.I still have times when I stand like this but they are getting more and more less often...These pictures I run across for I have many of them some even worse I get sick to my stomach... I looked awful I can see the sickness within me I'm sure others can't because they are not me they don't remember how I felt that day...This was even a good day in this picture... Things like this where I can look back and see the progress it is a little big victory as I call it, Most people do not even think about standing... I do I still do to this very second. I used to not be able to walk even I would collapse on my face and it was very frightening... but something as little as improved posture warms my heart with gratitude, faith, and so so much happiness... It's more than improved posture! I feel like I just won a marathon... And I did!! much further to go but I have come this far I can continue <3
This is me yesterday see so  much not hunching much straighter and even!