Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday, Friday! Goldfish Anonymous... Mr. Wrecker gets groomed & I wait on a doctor phone call...

It's Friday!! We just took Mr. Wrecker to the groomers for he was way past due....The weather has been warm so he definitely needed a hair cut... We decided to shave him down even though he isn't as cute that way because he was getting sooo over heated and sick...(he lives indoors so he wont get cold plus he is the blanket king if there is a blanket he is on it) ... I am having an odd day I felt good this morning but this after noon not so much and I'm a little pale... I'm nervous about my recent labwork too I had low GFR I think that's what it is called anyways they were down to 60 and it should be 116 and I found out yesterday that is kidney functions. So I called the doctor who did the order today they did it at Mayo so I don't know what any of this means... praying it isn't serious... something funny I want so badly to know what's wrong but at the same time I don't want to know, it scares me!!
p.s. it rained last night woo hoo!

This is before hair cut*
(I'll post after picture later)
I love love these yellow flower wire earrings <3 had to share! I got them at Blossoms boutique... love that place! The shirt I am wearing is from there too...
I have a serious gold fish addiction going on here... I might have to go to goldfish anonymous... I have a problem... ha ha
have a beautiful weekend, be safe, say kind words, & remember who you are :)