Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Humpity Hump update

I am having such a hard week with this body of mine! Want to talk about Endometriosis Awareness just come to my house for a few minutes haha I am a wreck...but really all I have wanted to do for days now is scream and run away... Run away from the pain. Run away from the problems... That's not  a possibility for me... I can't run from my body no matter how much I want is there ALWAYS. People used to tell my family I just needed a vacation from everything.... I don't think anyone ever really realized you can't take a break from your body...ever... you go on vacation.... that body is coming with you... Kind, appreciated thoughts just a vacation can't fix this and as of now nothing can... I can pray and hope for healing but feel it just must not be the right time... I will continue to wait... continue to seek the best medical care I can find... continue the fight so that I do not look like this for  days at a time. Beauty is on the inside not the outside I fully agree on this! but it is nice to get your hair and makeup done...not feel so sloppy as I feel right now. But the fact is I am sick right now I have a lot going on and NO I do not have the energy to get myself ready the thought in itself wears me out. yeah getting ready right now  for the day would be like running a marathon that's how my energy level is. I am having a lot of pain and extreme fatigue and I just feel awful. This too shall pass. This suffering is Temporary, I pray. Hump Day! May next week bring joy and all things good to us all <3
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
yes, I am up all night because I can not sleep! oh how much I miss sleeping at night <3
goodnight pain, goodnight the heartache that comes with it, goodnight Endo., goodnight PFTM, goodnight what ever is wrong, see you when the sun comes up!