Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This Ginger & Her Ginger Ale

There once was a girl named Michelle, who loved her Ginger Ale.... baha
all I can say today is thank goodness for Ginger Ale! I have an what I call Imuran tummy ache because my medication Imuran can give me the worst stomach aches. It feels like I ate a bowling ball.  my stomach it hurts so bad....haha that was a weird analogy...  However laying down and drinking ginger ale always helps it! I was in the middle of my counseling session and my stomach started hurting like crazy makes it hard to concentrate on things when all you want to do is curl up in a ball... YES I am in counseling and No I am not ashamed or secretive about it... If you need help, you need help. It's the same as breaking a leg...you're going to see a doctor and get it fixed... well sometimes our brains need some TLC. Especially if you are chronically ill or facing something really tough in life (we all go through something no one gets out for free) it is nothing to ever be ashamed of!! In fact I think it's something to be proud of! So Thank you Canada Dry Ginger Ale... This Ginger with her tummy ache loves Ginger ale... I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday may good things come to you!!
Today looks like a day full of rest... Wrecker is feeling better but still not his 100% ... looks like we will both be taking it easy!