Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's day!!

Happy St. pattys day!! I hope you all have good luck....I sure have today...Doctor called about my GFR levels and he said they are normal and doesn't know why it was flagged as abnormal...hip hip hoorah!! That Is very good news....Happy St. Patrick's day from Mr. Wrecker & I <3

I made green chocolate chip cookies and green milk in honor of St. Patrick's Day (It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact I wanted chocolate chip cookies at all!! ) There is a story behind my baking, I used to be a baking queen my family called my betty Crocker... My whole life it was something I had enjoyed doing. When I got sick the simplest things became hard and I could hardly do much of anything with out help... I used to bake with out a kitchen aide now I could not do it with out it my body is weak and my joints, bones, & muscles hurt. In fact sometimes I just can't do things... So today as I made these cookies (with my mixer, instead of my hand) I am super proud ... I just did something I wouldn't of been able to do a year ago and probably less time than that. My biggest goal to meet out of recovery would be to run again... I was actually quiet active before things got so bad & I just keep longing for that day to come...The simplest things in life are the things we take for granted until we no longer have them...Today I will count my blessings as beautiful as they are...I may not be the average 21 year old... but all the things I have missed out on are the price I paid to have this wonderful, different outlook on life...I know how important the little things are. I know the things that really matter in life such as my love for god and his son Jesus Christ, my faith, my family, & all the ones I love... life isn't about who wears the best clothes or who is the richest, or if someone does something better than you. Those things don't matter what matters is if you are happy being you...we all grow at different rates. I am very thankful for my hard times as odd as that may sound because (here comes my mantra) The hardest trials in life bring the biggest blessings! I may not love this frustrating new life all the time but in these moments of realization I do I love it very much even as hard as it is <3

My dress has green in it and my eyeshadow is green too...So no one better pinch me today!
Mr. Wrecker looks a little concerned haha