Tuesday, April 1, 2014

RANT! (doctors offices)

So if you see several doctors you will totally understand what I am talking about.... Today I call for a record request and to see if they possibly already have it because, I received a packet in the mail with record request forms.... Before I started going there I had already talked with a lady about it because on my psychiatrist I forgot to write down her type of "speciality" This was months ago ..... of course today I called asking them to look to see and I literally no joke talked to 5. FIVE! different people and then they argued with me about this and I told them I know you have the forms because someone contacted me before I started going here and we went over it so she could send for a record request and the psychiatrist issue on the form came up... So I told them this they have already sent for records you might have it already and if not u can send a request... i saw a doctor at their facility and he had several records from old specialists. The woman replies, " Where is this doctor you want records from located?" I answered and she says "can't you just go their and pick them up"... my reply "no it's an hour out of my way and I am already driving 4 hours to get to you".... I could hear the eye roll over the phone.... so we continue talking and she says "I only have one record here for your appointment"  I said "oh really from who"... it was my primary care doctor.... so I replied the last doctor I saw (in this facility) had several records from several of my old specialist he went over them with me at my appointment...I was told, "we don't have them here in our drawer"... I reply "well he himself said he would send them because that's why he wanted a neuro consultation".... She goes "oh" and puts me on hold comes back " I have to look in the system and it is  really slow can I call you back later." I reply "yes" and gave her my phone number and I said  "thank you" HER REPLY "MMMM" SERIOUSLY JUST BE NICE! I'm ripping my hair out I know how these things work one doctor would not have all my records and the other one have nothing when it is the same facility and everything is online onto one account. I am suspecting somebody just didn't do their job correctly or didn't listen to what I was trying to say... I hate being blown off by office people.RANT over!
*This is the face I make when I rant about doctor's offices! JUST KIDDING I AM JUST BEING GOOFY! I GUESS THIS PICTURE IS MY APRIL FOOLS APRIL FOOLS! BUT MY RANT IS NOT LOL :) please just remember to spread kindness & I will too.