Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Continue with Caution*

So this morning I gave my self quite the scare when I accidently grabbed the wrong medication and took it and looked down and thought "did that just happen!!!" panic sat in immediately! When realization set in that I had made a HUGE mistake...I first tried to vomit that didn't work. I prayed and prayed "please just let me be safe let me vomit"... So I called my doctor praying in silence while on the phone for my safety ...and they didn't even ask my doctor or any of the P.A.'s there... they asked the medical assistant... I AM A CERTIFIED MEDICAL ASSISTANT and I happen to have been one longer then this one and I dang sure didn't know what situation I had gotten myself into... I didn't trust this answer& neither did my gut... I was at home alone and I just kept thinking about time how much time did i have to make this safe was something awful happening. I am SO thankful for my sister who happens to work at a doctor's office...I quickly texted her and she replied right away in about 6 seconds that she talked to the doctor and I was totally fine it was just going to make me sleepy. PHEW! Relief came over me fast! I am happy to announce I feel just fine so far and it has been hours! I am so thankful for my dear heavenly Father who I know answered those prayers of mine earlier today he kept me calm and safe and I am feeling so good I know he is in control of this! I am also grateful that it wasn't a more serious situation as it could have easily been one with a different medication...I take so many and I obviously need to come up with a safer solution... I am writing this so that if you take several medications you can be aware too and make yourself safe so this situation does not happen to you! My prayers where answered today and this I am forever grateful!