Friday, April 25, 2014

Medi Upate, Last Night was Awful!

Medi Update: Last night was a close second to the previous night I recently had in the hospital. I drank so much water I was sick or that's what I thought made me nauseas. Then I just went down hill the whole night until I fell asleep.(which felt like it took ten years) I wrote down sloppily so I wouldn't forget...keep in mind these things are very hard to explain.... Had a spell heart is racing. Felt Very Dizzy. Feel no control over my body (like i'm not quiet plugged in) Chest pains. Heahache. Eyes feel super weird. I tend to feel very scared but hey who wouldn't! Then Any noise at all would send electrical impulses of pain through my whole body.... I remember there being more and me thinking I would remember just hold still because moving was awful too... I forgot, of course. I hate that this happens. Still not on my game today if I get up I can't see for a few moments. I hate that! achy today my poor body is so ready for some serious help with whatever this may be POTS or not. I think my body is done with all of it. And I don't blame it one bit!