Monday, April 7, 2014

For the Love of a Dog

This is my Best friend ever!! In my blog (what you are reading now) I refer to my dog as Mr. wrecker... as you know I have been chronically ill for seven and counting years.... I got this dog as a puppy when I was 17... I was dealing with poor health then too and all I wanted was a cute little puppy dog! He is my first indoor pet... which can have its challenges at times ha ha...He has brought me much joy and I seriously love him to death! This dog has endless love for me and I am just super lucky and blessed to have him in my life to comfort me when I am sad and to make me laugh when I am and downs dogs are the best comfort! I seriously suggest getting a dog!
This is when I got home from being out of town for weeks due to non stop vomiting (still no answers to what was wrong... I am a mystery)

 Mr. Wrecker is good at photo bombing me
Mr. Wrecker is always happy to just lay around and do nothing with me haha