Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy easter! & Medi Udpate

Medi Update: I saw rheumatologist at Mayo, I have  found that I was misdiagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome 3 years ago... They are very much looking at Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome... I tested for it but have other things to rule out.... feeling bad, frustrated, scared. and everything else... I do believe on choosing happiness in hard time and when I write about those topics I am truly feeling that way... however I also feel other ways some days and I dislike them but some days you just have to let it out, cry... or be mad or frustrated you are entitled to feel however you feel... no matter what! Until someone else truly walks in you're shoes they do not know what they would do... Starting to make sense why I have been not finding answers to my sick mystery .... been looking in the wrong place now (been shopping for shoes in the furniture store) I have tried and seen specialist who should very much have caught this thing so I am frustrated but nothing I can do but move forward... Will see Gastroenterologist soon too my liver counts have been elevated for yrs. now and they are concerned. I hold lots of feeling overwhelmed with everything that's happening and knowing how hard I have tried and worked to get well and soo many wrong diagnoses... I will keep going though I will never give up hope...

Happy  Easter!!! May you have a Blessed Easter Sunday! Lots of love, Chelle