Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I am One sick girl

I am one sick girl right now I just almost passed out for no reason and now I feel awful and I have been burning hot or freezing cold for hours now! The only way I can get through moments/ times like this is to pray pray pray and have faith and hope for healing "Have no fear for what man can do for god is with you forever and ever." I apologize I do not know what section of the scriptures I found that in I just remember it and am too sick to look.... now my face is literally burning something tells me I am in for a long night.... hope you are doing better than me-xoxo see ya tomorrow! very miserable and I can't even fully describe how I feel...besides as awful as ever possible. going to call my specialist tomorrow I think which fills me full of fear that I will be blown off or not taken seriously but I am very ill and I know it is not good to be this ill there is no way possible! hoping they help me...frightened-Chelle