Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lichen Planus in my hair!

This is a picture of my forehead/hairline and I am having a little lichen planus flare and thought hmmm education time... So lichen planus is an connective tissue autoimmune disease where your body attacks itself... in a lichen planus case the cells are being attacked at the dermis where the cells are being created...diagnosis consists of a skin biopsy... treatment ranges from topical creams to immune suppressants to chemo. for me anyways I get it in my hair and its like a bunch of little red almost bite looking sores which is very embarrassing because I wonder if people think I am not clean or have fleas or something Idk. but it basically burns and hurts and it scabs up and gets white like it is going away and then it doesn't and the process just continues I have had these LP sores for a few weeks now and I am not complaining I mean I could have it so much worse and I know it but still just thought I'd do an LP lesson:)

I am going to the doctors today (well I am traveling to Mesa where we stay) and going tomorrow... I am so very scared about what the outcome of these test results of my nervous system will be. God is in control! I am also nervous for physical therapy because it has been too long without it...I thought I would be okay to go an extra week, boy was I wrong about that I am going to be soooo sore.... no pain no gain.... have a safe weekend and spread love:) Love you all!