Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Strength in Times of doubt

tonight  was a struggle... While reading my scripture I once again encountered another "sticky Note" moment when I feel a sentence or a verse where simply put in my reading materials just for me... tonight I struggle with fears of the unknown and doubt. I always struggle with these things but I know deep down I am going to be okay and when I forget this God always finds a way to reboot that low battery of hope and I just feel certain that I am truly  going to be okay. I know it's my Father in Heaven telling me so. The simple few words I read: "Lift up your heart, and be glad; and look."-Moses 7:44... to me the lord was telling me hey snap out of it look around at what is going on and see the truth don't let temptations of bad thoughts tear you down. It also reminded me to be strong through him and if I lean upon him and soften my heart I will have all I need!