Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It Might Be Getting a Little Easier

I think it might be getting a little easier.... I have gotten my fluids in everyday and 3-4 thousand mg of salt... still not to the salt goal but hey I am trying lol. getting my exercise in but have a long way til goal... compression garments help but are totally annoying and not the right time of year for this! Can't it be winter! Today I feel okay about it not totally angry or upset or scared just okay though.... I absolutely hate nighttime! everything is worse at night fears just seem to heighten and it's really weird because I'm home alone a lot of days, you would think I would be my most scared then...nope nighttime. I keep thinking I am ready for this thing to be over and then I remember this is the rest of my life not temporary...I am sitting here racking my brain for something happier and fun to post or more positive and I just can't think of anything right now I hope you understand... not trying to be negative... and posting the bad with the good because the bad days are  a part of this journey I am on. Remember to spread kind words this world needs more and be kind to yourself too!! Lots of love-Chelle