Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Importance of Medicine Safety

I think this post is petty self explanatory. Medicine should be something we all practice safety with. As you all know because I posted about it.. a while back I accidently took 2 pills of the same thing that I would regularly have taken just one of a day. I was very blessed! As it was not harmful to me and I had no real problems, minus one of the biggest scares of my life...being home alone and taking 2 pills I knew I shouldn't have taken... This scared me soo much but I told my self, "it was okay and this was bound to happen" and "just be happy you were okay, be more careful next time"... I have been more careful however suffering from memory issues. I have the worst memory right now and my thought process is  scrambled eggs. So the other night when I took my night time medication and had no remembrance of what I took five seconds later. I knew it was time to start doing something different because no matter what age or any factor you can think of, if you are taking medication and not knowing for sure what you took or getting things mixed up, it is time for a change. Prior to ALL the medication I have been on back when I just had a weekly pill container and I could fit all my pills into a small weekly pill calendar . Plus I was only taking Medication once a day... However with all my extra medication since then I could not fit it all in and quit using it... I have found this huge pill weekly calendar with morning, noon, eve ,& bed for each day of the week... However I know it will be hard to carry this huge thing in my purse lol. I know it will serve its purpose and keep me safe, and the worry will definitely be lessened for me.
I highly suggest one of these or one similar to anyone who takes medication!
**These are not child safe. IF you are around/living with children keep this in mind! Put it up high or where a child can not reach it***