Monday, April 21, 2014

Some days and how i get through them all..... I am LDS

I feel strongly that I should write about how I am coping and feeling right now with all these crazy medical twists and turns that I have absolute no control over, yet it has full control over me and my life. I sum it up in Days. Some days are good. Some days are bad. Some days are okay. Some days are sad. Some days are Maddening. Some days are frustrating. Some days are depressed. Some days are a mess. Some days I can't stand. Some days are full of hope. Some days I just don't. Some days I am strong... But all the other days tag along. Someway somehow I get through. You want to know how I get through? 100% because of my Savior Jesus Christ, God, & the holy Ghost. If I had not that I would have nothing in this life. My life is a mess but I can guarantee you it is a gift such a marvelous gift I probably couldn't even know how much of one it is here... I know it is one, and I try my very hardest to cherish it. Sometimes though it's tough and hard, That's part of being ill. My Savior is there with me every step of the way. He loves me more then I can comprehend to you. He loves each and every one of us that very same way!! It's a wonderful thing and I wish everyone could see things how I see them after going through all these hardships. Hardships are trials and they have changed me very much. God has given me the strength to get through these trials and continuously does and will. I know I have a plan eternal. We all do! He has blessed me to be able to get through being sick and faith is what I rely on. None of this makes me perfect but I choose to lean on my Lord. He is there, He will always be there. I never have to worry about being alone when I am sad or confused. Life is rough for everyone we all want that perfect fairy tale ending but No one truly gets it here... I think our fairy tale endings are our eternal plans we will get to live in the next life. That's our fairy tale.... eternity. So as things are hard here and I so often think I wish I could just quit. Even though that is never an option. I know my redeemer is helping me become stronger and better than I could ever do on my own... he is preparing me for my beautiful eternal plan and that's how I keep going. Sickness is very rough! I think for sure one of the roughest things to experience in life.... but keep reminding yourself it's temporary in the big scheme of things. Eternity is going to come.... So these days, months, or years are just stepping stones to a beautiful start. That's how I get through these awful days here and now. I am Mormon. I am LDS. I am blessed, & so are you!