Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My symptom list (everything but the kitchen sink) Medi update

So I decided I am going to call medical updates from now on "Medi updates"... I am currently seeing a rheumatologist, & Neurologist at Mayo Clinic ( this is just a mayo doctor update I have other specialists for female issues and pelvis issues and I am seeking treatment and responding so hip hip hoo thankful for that!) back to Mystery me.... the Neurologist last Friday spoke of a possible diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome...and my rheumatologist thinks I may have been misdiagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome but is not sure....it's a possibility as well... I am to the point where when someone proves to me I have something (and they are going to have to really work hard on it) I will believe it...until then just keep swimming... I get nerves and sad and frustrated and mad and sad and nerves... it feels like an never ending cycle however I am trying not (post general conference) to be hopeful and thankful and replace fears with faith....So a lot of tests I will have from heart tests to EMG to audiology, to kidney tests...I am going to list my symptoms are you ready?? it's a long list!
pain in joints, bones, muscles
Can't sleep
brain fog
dilated eyes
hearing seems off slightly
redness across face
red ears
red swollen hands
purple, PURPLE feet/ or bright red, burning, & swollen
resting heart rate 130, to 160
chest pains
nightly headaches
shakiness almost tremmory
numbness left lower side face
tingling lips (like when you get a cold sore)
 nerve pain in face/ incisive papilla
hair falls out a lot
S.O.B sometimes
tummy everything
Stomach/ intestinal spasms
sometimes I pee too much
Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia/pelvic pain
Sores (Lichen Planus)
really intense lower back/hip pains that last like weeks at a time
can't regulate temperature like normal
Low grade fevers
nervousness ( like body not mind)
front neck pain that shoots through collar bone
Throat swells, gets really red, hurts(docs always think I have really bad strep) comes once in a while.
Thyroid is slightly low