Wednesday, April 9, 2014

easter center piece & exciting new things

Yesterday I made this simple center piece out of a glass dish we had lying around the house and ribbon/tool well also had lying around...I started by making the bow  gluing a thinner purple ribbon to the middle of the wider yellow ribbon and then I attached to glass dish then I filled half the dish with white tool (so there doesn't have to be as much candy because I am a candy aholic) then finished by putting Easter candy in the bowl... nothing too fancy but simple.
Below: is our new/old dinning room table and chairs I say new/old because that table is an antique (I wish this photo showed the clawed feet of the table) and the chairs are new from target they are super cute and the padding in the chairs are great I thought they'd be much harder.... notice we are missing one chair?? we received a bad one and it would not go together so wait we will but we are happy with our new dinning set! The place mats are very spring like they are super cute got a set of 4 at ross for around $5.00...