Monday, April 21, 2014

My Monday

Hoping you had a Very Happy Easter!! I sure did! Very thankful for my Redeemer<3 Spent it with the family, me and my pretty sister. We both bought my mom the exact flower arrangement lol we are truly opposites so it is nothing shy of a miracle hahaha

I felt pretty good yesterday until evening then my face/head/mouth/neck pain came back... it is worsening... I'm not sure as to why this is worsening but hopefully we will get to the bottom of it... Did I mention I seem to have been misdiagnosed??? It is so bizarre when you go years thinking you have something and find out the reason nothing made it better was because you simply do not have it... No wonder I have been so miserably sick! part of me wants to be mad and the other part is like yes! I don't have that... then the other part goes ugh what is wrong then...Moved testing and other appointments up at Mayo... Now will be seeing GI for high liver counts...they aren't extremely high but have been high for about 2 years so they are concerned and frustrated no one else has looked into it more.Praying for answers and health, not just for me but for you too! I have 2 appointments today.... Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!