Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Too Much Sleep, Not Enought Sleep

Do you sleep a lot? I mean like a lot, a lot! I have since I have been sick ... sometimes I sleep for more than 12 hrs. a day! I never try to over sleep but I think sick bodies just need more rest ... they work so hard all the time... plus you either are sleeping too much or not at all... at least that's my experience... I am really trying to sleep regular but it is very hard!! if you are ill you probably know what I am talking about... I always feel guilty too when I oversleep... I'm always telling myself how bad that is and then I feel guilty that I have wasted a part of my day... So if you experience this you are not alone. Sleep turns into a tricky thing when you are sick.

Medi Update: I upped my nortryptilyne (nerve pain med) and we are seeing if it helps with my monstrous pain... today I think so far I feel it is working... fingers crossed...and toes too! Working on getting a MRI record! For My gastroenterology consult, So complicated sometimes to get records... People who are sick have their own full time jobs that pay nothing haha... we are receptionists, researchers, monitor medicine, and a billion other things! haha