Monday, April 28, 2014

Does Your Heart Ever Just Feel Weepy?

It's a known fact that people with chronic illnesses go through the cycle of grief over and over.... Tonight I am just so overwhelmed by all these dysautonomia symptoms and learning of it all .... this has lead to me realizing I have certain symptoms I didn't even know I had because I thought everyone did that... like sometimes I can hear my eyes blink and sometimes I get this weird clicking when I talk... I just am down tonight... all I do know is this is where I have to rely on my faith to get me through... I can be healed... lots of prayers... I hope you are having a better night then me and if you are weepy... Do NOT every feel bad about it! You deserve the right to feel how ever you may be feeling <3 Don't forget you are strong! You are in my prayers! lots of love, xoxo-Chelle