Monday, April 7, 2014

Simply Tender Mercy!

Life is full of ups and downs.... I have had a very frustrating week leading me to test all my patience and just about every thing else! but I knew general conference was near and all would be good after I hear these wonderful words and received guidance...This after the hard to swallow news that I may have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome... ALL I wanted to do was listen/watch 184th General Conference... But amazingly I had a very hard time just doing this and I thought to myself why is it so hard for me to just hear those words I am sooo eager to hear... I actually agonized waiting...I had a test of patience as the internet failed me and where I live you have to request in advance the BYU channel to view conference on TV...(at least with our TV plan) and I from now on will ALWAYS do so in advance... I have never had a problem before streaming conference online but for some reason I did...maybe my patience was being tested... But actually tonight is the first time I have gotten a whole section of the conference at one time. When I finally did get to hear those words I had been so incredibly anxious to hear I was overcome with joy and more importantly the spirit! I had tears in my eyes several times listening to the beautiful talks and finding the perfect guidance I need at this moment in life. I am so thankful for our Prophet and for the quorum of the 12 and the 70! God was definitely within them and me during their talks. The spirit was high... I know no man could make these things up and it is such a blessing to have General Conference!
I must add a story to when I started listening to conference tonight I had gone to brush my teeth, wash my make up off, and take my meds (during the half hour I already viewed the previous night) when I came back to my bed where my laptop was there was a tiny strip of paper... I immediately knew what it was... I picked it up and read the written words, "It will be okay."- Jesus Christ Nov. 17, 2013. I had earlier in November had an amazingly wonderful words can not even explain thing happen to me... I was very down struggling with my health and pushing forward in the Book of Mormon. that night I finished reading and moved onto prayer, I prayed I could have some sort of form signal anything to know if things would be okay... What I received I was not expecting but forever am grateful and full of gratitude... in the most wonderful humbling male voice I heard "it will be okay." I immediately knew who it was, it was my Savior Jesus Christ. I hurriedly wrote it down and the experience in my scriptures so I would never forget. later I wrote this on a piece of paper and tacked it to my wall by my door to be seen every time I went out  of my room... later It was replaced by scripture quotes and moved next to A dried rose on a shelf in a vase next to an angel figure.... This dried rose is off my Granddads' coffin my sister and I both have one and he is my angel watching over me he actually visits me quite often in times of need as well as other lovely angels.... I have not moved this paper off the shelf except to maybe hold it. remember it. and set it back. After I had returned to my bed this evening and found that tiny piece of paper on my bed I knew an angel sat it there to comfort me and remind me even though I am SO scared now... it will all be okay...Like conference says trials bring the biggest blessings and make our foundations stronger.that is so true! I have heard my redeemers voice and he spoke out to me and poured his love around me. I am lucky, Very appreciative, blessed, humbled, and forever deeply touched by such love. I can not even begin to explain it or out in words my emotions on how wonderfully blessed I am! I testify to you and anyone who reads this god, his son our redeemer Jesus Christ, and the holy Ghost are very real and true their love for us in never ending and I write this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.