Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Choose to OWN My Pale Skin: Ivory complexion tip!

I know right now it isn't necessarily "a fad" to have pale skin but I can not tan my skin for I just break out in rashes and burn.... I used to get really frustrated about this because all the pretty girls always had tans and here I was all pasty white all the time but as I have grown older I have learned to own my pale skin and I am happy I am not tan... Having a pale complexion is part of me and I am an original not a copy so I have grown comfortable in the fact that my skin is soo pale... I'm  a redhead it come with the territory. This is how God created me... I now consider it natural beauty and I am writing this to encourage all girls/women to be your self always and you will shine and stand out for being simply you it's not about the latest fashions and trends ... it is ALL about what is in your heart <3 so if you have naturally pale skin don't be ashamed be proud of who you are God himself created your special body :) ( just to be clear I have absolutely no problem with people who are tan or tan their skin! YOu are beautiful too!)
P.S. a little makeup tip because makeup is fun and it's fun to dress up.... ever notice bronzers do not match your ivory complexion just right?? That is because our skin is more translucent so colors show more on our skin  And with paler skin I noticed people can seem to think I look ill when I am not So therefor blush and bronzer we turn to ... we tend to just simply not look right 100% with regular bronzer...(they do make certain bronzers for pale skin but it's probably not going to be found in any drug store and probably will be very pricy) here is the tip: just go get a powder that is 2 shades darker then your shade of skin and it will be a much better match for you when you decide to get all dolled up :) I learned this today and I can not wait to try it... I have struggled with bronzers and just gave up a few months ago with them because I felt they just didn't look right and when I'd wear just blush people liked it better...So this frustrated me because I wanted to contour my face a little ... So I am excited for this new tip and I had to share <3